Jason Spates


About Jason Spates

From Dana Point, California, Jason Spates is a business leader and entrepreneur who has more than two decades of experience in marketing, sales, and finance, building expertise with each job he worked and each business he founded. He has built himself into a trusted leader and businessman whose service is unmatched. 

As a professional, Jason Spates has a multifaceted career where he juggles multiple responsibilities. Since 2005, Jason has been working as the Chief Executive Officer for TruckLenders USA. At TruckLenders USA, Jason and the team specialize in financing commercial trailers, work trucks, and construction equipment, financing just about commercial equipment with a title and wheels.

Throughout his professional career, Jason has become knowledgeable in areas that include commercial truck financing, commercial vehicle leasing, commercial fleet leasing, commercial trailer leasing, commercial financing, and contract negotiations. He uses all of these skills and more in his career as CEO of TruckLenders and in his role as CEO of Vehicle Lenders Group. 

In another branch of his career, Jason Spates is also the CEO Of Spates Financial Inc., offering near wholesale pricing on pre-owned and custom vans, electric and hybrid leases, and light and medium trucks. 

In Doheny Beach in 2020, Jason Spates and his business partner, Micah, own Doheny Bike, where they provide customers with foldable lifestyle e-bikes. They founded the business to provide locals and visitors alike with an affordable solution for everyday mobility, creating the agility of the Fold N’ Go bike for those with smaller cars to help extend their adventures outdoors. Jason knows that e-bikes not only ensure an individual’s mobility, they also help them express themselves and feel a sense of freedom while heading out on each adventure. As an added bonus, operating Doheny Bike gives Jason an opportunity to give back to his community by donating bikes and supporting various causes. 

Throughout his career, Jason Spates has gained recognition for his expertise and skills in areas including trucking, operations management, transportation, team building, leadership, executive management, strategic planning, customer satisfaction, business planning, inventory management, risk management, logistics, and shipping. He’s also talented in sales management, finance, negotiation, loans, customer service, new business development, commercial finance, pricing, funding, forecasting, financial analysis, asset-based lending, process improvement, and mergers and acquisitions, among other areas. 

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